What does the Care Ministry Do?

We provide compassion and care within and beyond our faith community.


Our card writing team send cards to our church family members who: are sick; have had surgeries; have been absent from church for a few weeks; need encouragement; are new parents, or are newly married.

Meal Provider

Our Care team prepares and delivers meals to the sick, new parents, people who have had surgeries or are in need of meals.


We help our church family and community financially when they are in need in various ways and as we are able.

Breavement Care

The Care Team plans and pays for memorial services.

Join Us?

We are always looking for volunteers to help us write and mail out cards, Coordinate flowers, help prepare and deliver meals to the needy, offer our church's final assistance when able and do the planning a memorial service. All those meals after a funeral service don't magically happen .... Well, actually they do because of a CARE team.

CURRENTLY due to increased activity, we would like to add an Assistant to the Director of the Care Team. The only requirement is compassion.